Monday, November 17, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014 Summary

The 2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge is complete.

This has been a rather difficult Coffeeneuring year for me. I've ridden A LOT this year -- double the mileage I rode in 2013 (which was itself a personal best for total miles ridden). With all of the randonneuring rides I've attempted, there hasn't been much time for Coffeeneuring.

That said, I managed to (barely) squeeze in seven Coffeeneuring trips during the allowed time period.

This year's Coffeeneuring trips:

#1: Pre-200K Coffeeeuring at Starbucks in Richland, WA

Triple Grande Latte + Cake = Rando Fuel

#2: Easy latte ride to The Commons in Woodnville, WA

Latte + Cake + Biking = Coffeneuring Perfection

Opportunistic Coffeeneuring

Coffee + Danish = Coffeeneuring Bliss


Latte and breakfast at The Den Coffeehouse

#7: Recovery latte and lemon cake at Belle Pastry in Redmond, WA

Latte and lemon cake at Belle Pastry

Big thanks to Mary for organizing this event, and to Joe for the original idea.

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