Sunday, November 02, 2014

Opportunistic Coffeeneuring at the Verboort Sausage Festival

Coffeeneurs vary wildly on the snacks that accompany their beverage of choice. Some folks focus solely on the coffee, while others include a pastry, cookie, chocolate, or other sweet. It's all good.

But how about... sausages?

This past weekend Kasia and I drove down to Portland, OR so that I could ride in the 9th Annual Verboort Sausage Populaire, a beautiful ride that finishes at the Verboort Sausage Festival. Bikes and sausages -- what's not to like?

The ride started at 9:00am at Lincoln Park in the sleepy town of Forest Grove, OR. The ride mostly consisted of quiet backroads and the fantastic Banks Vernonia Trail. About 20 people pre-registered, and at least that many started. The weather was cool and foggy, and surprisingly stayed that way throughout the day.

Foggy start for a mostly foggy day

Beautiful ride on Timber Road

Banks Vernonia Trail

More fall color along the trail

I missed all of this scenery when I rode the trail a night a few months ago

About 100K later we arrived at the Visitation Catholic Church, site of the sausage dinner.

Sausages al fresco

No comment

Gary and his bucket o' sauerkraut

The route finish was, conveniently, about 2.8 miles from the start. While discussing coffeeneuring strategy for the ride back to the start, Susan had a brilliant idea: get coffee with our sausages, then just ride back. Thus was born "opportunistic coffeeneuring".

Opportunistic Coffeeneuring

Our coffeeneuring ride was a whopping 2.8 miles at a leisurely pace. Good food, good coffee, great company, and a beautiful ride -- not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

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