Saturday, November 22, 2014

Well, I guess it's finally official...

...I'm a K-Hound:

MOORE, Keith | Seattle International Randonneurs | 947018
Cert No.TypeKmDateRegionRouteTimeMedal
2014ACP SR, annual total=10081 km
78674ACPB6002014/09/06WA: SeattleChili Feed with Extra Lumps37:11Y
US-2014-077ACPFmin 360
actual 360
2014/05/02WA: Seattle?24:00
RUSA-T38418RUSAT1042014/01/16WA: Woodinville Trails05:40
RUSA-P09456RUSAP1002014/11/01OR: PortlandSnoozeville/Verboort04:36
416523ACPB2002014/03/22WA: SeattleSIR Spring 2014 Bellingham 200k11:41Y
RUSA-T46746RUSAT2052014/11/10WA: Flat Snohomish Edison09:34
RUSA-T45737RUSAT1042014/10/19WA: 5 Cities, 3 Rivers Populaire06:03
73717ACPB6002014/05/31WA: SeattleTsunami 60036:30Y
147637ACPB3002014/03/29WA: SeattleSiR Spring 2014 300k16:47Y
104242ACPB4002014/08/23WA: SeattleSIR Summer 2014 400k24:05Y
RUSA-T45374RUSAT1042014/10/02WA: Woodinville Trails05:11
RUSA-T43605RUSAT2052014/08/06WA: Flat Snohomish Edison08:38
RUSA-T45727RUSAT2052014/10/18WA: Richland-Pendleton-Richland12:56
RUSA-T39337RUSAT3002014/02/15WA: MI-316:18
RUSA-T40726RUSAT2022014/04/26WA: The Alps11:47
154566ACPB3002014/08/02WA: SeattleSIR Summer 2014 300k Crystal Blue Persuasion14:54
9733ACPB10002014/08/14WA: SeattleSeattle-Oregon Coast-Crater Lake-Klamath Falls68:55Y
RUSA-T46755RUSAT1042014/11/12WA: Maltby - Granite Falls05:18
98365ACPB4002014/05/17WA: SeattleSIR Spring 2014 400K20:05Y
RUSA-T46758RUSAT3002014/11/15WA: Seattle-Rainier-Elma-Bremerton17:26
RUSA-T45872RUSAT1062014/10/24WA: Centennial Trail Run05:15
RUSA-T40085RUSAT1042014/04/01WA: Maltby - Granite Falls05:08
RUSA-T43012RUSAT1052014/07/25WA: Redmond to UW via Issaquah05:45
RUSA-T45698RUSAT3002014/10/11WA: MI-316:01
RUSA-T46205RUSAT2062014/10/25WA: MI-Redmond-Orting-MI12:17
RUSA-T45694RUSAT1002014/10/05WA: Lake Wenatchee 100k04:32
153422ACPB3002014/04/05WA: SeattleSiR Spring 2014 Olympia 300k15:13Y
RUSA-T41596RUSAT1022014/05/23WA: Club Car Populaire05:20
RUSA-T42482RUSAT3032014/06/15WA: Snohomish-Mt. Vernon-Issaquah14:57
RUSA-T43095RUSAT3032014/07/27WA: Snohomish-Mt. Vernon-Issaquah17:35
US-7657RM12402014/06/21WA: Seattle2014 Cascade 120091:29
RUSA-T38701RUSAT3032014/01/25WA: Snohomish-Mt. Vernon-Issaquah17:02
RUSA-T40693RUSAT1052014/04/29WA: Redmond to UW via Issaquah04:53
RUSA-T45373RUSAT1062014/10/01WA: Centennial Trail Run04:08
410314ACPB2002014/03/15WA: SeattleSIR Spring 2013 Seattle 200K09:58Y
RUSA-T41149RUSAT1052014/05/13WA: Redmond to UW via Issaquah04:31

Monday, November 17, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014 Summary

The 2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge is complete.

This has been a rather difficult Coffeeneuring year for me. I've ridden A LOT this year -- double the mileage I rode in 2013 (which was itself a personal best for total miles ridden). With all of the randonneuring rides I've attempted, there hasn't been much time for Coffeeneuring.

That said, I managed to (barely) squeeze in seven Coffeeneuring trips during the allowed time period.

Coffeeneuring #7: Belle Pastry in Redmond, WA

I just managed to squeak in my final Coffeeneuring ride on the last possible day.

It was an easy, flat 13.2 mile ride from downtown Woodinville to Belle Pastry in Redmond, WA. I was honestly surprised I had 13.2 miles left in me after the previous day's ride.

On Saturday, a few of us stupid brave souls (Theo, Bill, Geoff, and myself) attempted a 300K ride from Bremerton to Seattle. The ride started at about 7:15am in Bremerton, which required taking a 6:00am ferry from Seattle. The morning started dark, cold, and too damn early.

The temperatures were in the mid 20's when we started, and climbed through the day into the low 40's. As soon as the sun went down, the temperatures plummeted. By the time we reached our penultimate control (near Sumner) the temperature was below 32, and our water bottles began to freeze. Theo and I rolled into Seattle about 00:40, with Bill rolling in about 02:20. Geoff, perhaps the wisest of the three, bailed out in Rainier (~114 miles in) and got a ride home from his wife.

The next day my legs were stiff and achy. I didn't think I could ride at all, but several cups of coffee at home (and a healthy cup of HTFU) got me on the bike and, more importantly, carried me to MORE COFFEE.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coffeeneuring #5 and #6: Something old, something new

I had no plans to go Coffeeneuring on Saturday. Instead, I planned to take part in group 300K ride from Bremerton to Seattle. The ride started at 7:00am in Bremerton, which required taking the 6:00am ferry from Seattle. I arrived in Seattle about 5:15am with (I thought) plenty of time to park, prepare the bike, and board.

Street parking is limited to 2 or 4 hours Monday-Saturday. The surface lots I checked had automated ticket machines, each with a 10 hour limit (I needed closer to 20 hours). The garages I checked were all closed.

30 minutes later, still unable to find long-term parking, I gave up and went home.

Since I didn't spend 15 hours riding a 300K, I had plenty of time for some coffeeneuring.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Coffeeneuring #4: Coava Coffee Roasters in Portland, OR

On our last day in Portland it seemed perfectly reasonable (maybe even required) to coffeeneur to one of my favorite coffee destinations: Coava Coffee Roasters. A number of friends old & new agreed to join me there at 10:30. What a wonderful way to start a lazy Sunday.

Kasia and I checked out of our favorite B&B about 9:30 and drove to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. Kasia has wanted to visit these gardens for a long time, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. While she toured the gardens, I could go coffeeneuring!

Opportunistic Coffeeneuring at the Verboort Sausage Festival

Coffeeneurs vary wildly on the snacks that accompany their beverage of choice. Some folks focus solely on the coffee, while others include a pastry, cookie, chocolate, or other sweet. It's all good.

But how about... sausages?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014, #2

Coffeeneuring means different things to different people. Sometimes it's a well-earned coffee after an epic ride; sometimes it's much simpler.

Today was one of those simpler days. Sometimes you just need an easy ride and a good cup of coffee (and, in this case, a piece of cake.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014, #1

Coffeeneuring season is upon us! It actually started two weeks ago (10/04), but I've been too busy with other rides to take time for coffee. Oh, the horror!

I finally managed to squeeze in a coffeeneuring ride during a recent trip to Eastern Washington. Jason and I drove to Richland, WA to ride with the Desert River Randonneur crowd. Five of us (Norm and Gary from DRR, Susan from Oregon, and Jason & I from SIR) met to ride the Richland-Pendleton-Richland 200K permanent on Saturday.

Susan, Jason, and I, being out-of-towners, stayed in a hotel near the ride start. Coincidentally, the ride started at a Starbuck's. Even more coincidentally, the bike ride from the hotel to the start was 2.3 miles -- perfect coffeeneuring distance!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Rando Fun Equation and The Best DNF Ever

Among the randonneuring crowd there is a recurring joke about the three types of fun:

  • Type 1: You know it's fun while you're doing it.
  • Type 2: Doesn't seem like fun at the time, but when you look back you realize it was indeed fun.
  • Type 3: Not fun

Using the different types of fun, one can attempt to quantify the success of a given ride or other activity. For a successful ride, the following relation holds true:
(Type_1_Fun + Type_2_Fun) > Type_3_Fun
I recently completed The Big Guns 1016K permanent from Portland, OR to Whitefish, MT with two women (Asta and Susan) from Oregon Randonneurs and two guys (Doug and Paul) from Desert River Randonneurs. Doug had to bail out in Kellogg, ID due to excruciating IT band pain. The remaining four of us finished the ride "hors delai" (we exceeded the specified time limits). I can't speak for Doug, but for the rest of us the above relation definitely holds true.