Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coffeeneuring 2013

This year's Coffeeneuring Challenge is currently underway.

Just completed my 7th and finally coffeeneuring ride.

Last year I blogged about each individual ride, then provided an end-of-challenge roll-up summary. This year,  in an act of pure laziness, I skipped the individual articles and jumped straight to the summary.

Here 'tis.

10/06/2013 - Leavenworth, WA

10.4 miles
299 feet

Much like last year, this year's first Coffeeneuring ride was the day after the Leavenworth Half Marathon. Kasia and I ran it again this year, although not exactly as planned. We haven't run any appreciable distance since last year's event, so we planned to just walk it this year. For some unknown reason, the day before the event we decided to run it, and run it we did. Probably not a great idea.

The day after, I headed out on my first Coffeeneuring ride. I took a nice, easy ride around town to spin the funk out of my legs. A bike ride + coffee + cookies = miracle cure for almost anything.

Coffee & Cookies in Leavenworth

10/12/2013 - Seattle, WA

14.7 miles
365 feet

Joby, an old friend from Gridpoint, is now at Amazon working on cool infrastructry stuff. We wanted to make plans to hook-up for lunch or coffee, so this seemed like a perfect coffeenuring opportunity. I rode to Fremont (south of Seattle) for our meeting.

Fremont Coffee

10/19/2013 - Seattle, WA

11.7 miles
898 feet

Kasia wanted to do some plant shopping at Swansons Nursery, so I decided to ride for coffee at the same time. Today's destination: Kiss Cafe in Ballard. Kiss is co-owned by Brenda, a new friend who is also associated with the little startup I'm a part of. It was great to chat with Brenda and see her cafe. Looks like an awesome place to hang out. After the coffee, I rode over to the sound, then up the mighty Golden Gardens hill.

Lively place!


Home of the Ballard Drinking Team

Showing off my Acorn bag & dual light setup

Lots of traffic on Puget Sound

10/20/2013 - Issaquah, WA

29.2 miles
1076 feet

Today was SIR's annual meeting at the Issaquah Brewhouse. Of course it only makes sense to bike to a bike club meeting, right? And if said meeting happens to be on a weekend, it's perfectly reasonable to extend that ride into a coffeenuering ride, yes?


After the meeting, I headed over to the Issaquah Coffee Company for a latte and banana bread. Fully fueled, I headed back via the west side of Lake Sammamish, completing a full lap around the lake.

Yum and Yummer

Powering-up for the ride home

Lovely fall day

10/27/2013 - Woodinville, WA

12.3 miles
421 feet

Not a lot to report for this one. Great coffee (latte) and a excellent location (The Commons) conveniently located just off the Sammamish River Trail. Not every coffeeneuring ride needs to be complicated; sometimes a simple ride for a simple coffee is all one needs.

Convenient bike parking
As tasty as it is beautiful

11/03/2013 - Seattle, WA

15.4 miles
829 feet

Kasia needed another round of shopping at Swansons Nursery, so I arranged another Coffeeneuring ride. This time I headed to the Greenwood neighborhood, a target rich environment for coffeenuring. Today's target: Makeda Coffee.

I really like this shop. It's got a funky vibe, and the woman working the day of my visit was awesome. Their signature drink is called "the humptyhump" -- small macchiato plus a small americano. It's my new favorite coffee drink, in my new favorite coffee shop. Post-coffee, I rode over to Fremont and walked through their outdoor Sunday market. Great fun!

My new favorite coffee shop
Great day to visit an outdoor market

11/09/2013 - Duvall, WA

31.6 miles
1708 feet

Final coffeeneuring ride! Today's plan: Ride from home to Duvall, drink coffee, ride home.

All went as plan, except after coffee I decided to ride a bit more. Then a bit more. Then a bit more still. I originally planned a 10-12 mile ride, but ended up riding almost 32. It was a great day for a ride through the Snoqualmie Valley.

Nearing my destination
Improvised bike parking
Double fisted coffee drinking
Silly cow, Halloween was 2 weeks ago
Lovely view towards the Cascades

Coffeenuring 2013 Totals:
125.3 miles
14.2 MPH average
5596 feet

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