Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brewvet #8: Cider [non-]Century at Alpenfire Cider

Kasia & I planned a visit to the Quimper Peninsula, mostly so that she could visit Far Reaches Farm and shop for rare/collectible plants. As usual, I planned to get a few miles on the bike (and hopefully complete a brewvet) while she shopped.

A little research revealed an interesting cider house nearby -- Alpenfire Cider, Washington State's only fully organic cider house. Count me in!

After parking at Far Reaches Farm and unloading the bike, I headed out for the ~7 mile ride on lightly-traveled back roads to the cider house. It's tucked away on a very quite little dirt road, the aptly-named Pocket Lane.

Alpenfire is a marvel of efficiency. Their on-site orchard is slightly less than 2 acres, but holds more than 600 espaliated apple trees. The trees are lovingly tended by the sites owners, Bear and Nancy.

The tasting room is small, but well organized. For $5 you are served 7 very different ciders. The man running the tasting room (sorry, I don't remember his name) was very knowledgeable about the different ciders, the apples used, the production processes, etc. I had a blast (and I really enjoyed the cider!).

Alpenfire Cider tasting room

The competition

The tasting room

The barrel room

Yes, it's as dry as they claim!

A small section of the apple orchard

After the tasting was complete, I headed back on the road. En route, I found an unexpected trail crossing, one that doesn't appear on Google Maps: The Larry Scott Trail. I definitely need to return and explore the trails in this area.

The Larry Scott Trail

Speaking of trails, part of my return ride was along The Olympic Discovery Trail. This is an ambitions work in progress to create a system of trails stretching from Port Townsend all the way to the Pacific Ocean. When completed, it will include 130 miles of trails. Awesome.

Heading towards Port Townsend on the Olympic Discovery Trail

Blooming poppies along Puget Sound

Another lovely view along the Olympic Discovery Trail

After returning to Far Reaches Farm, Kasia & I loaded the truck with her purchases, then drove back to Alpenfire Cider so that she could enjoy the tasting room. We left with a full case of cider to take home. Yum.

We'll definitely be back for more shopping at Far Reaches Farm, more cider at Alpenfire, and much more exploring of the peninsula's evolving trail system.


Brewvet #8 -- "Cider Century", 24.1 miles.

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