Monday, June 03, 2013

Brewvet Season!

In the spirit of the Coffeeneuring Challenge comes Brewvet Season! "Brewvet" is a portmanteau of "brew" (as in beer) and "brevet" (as in long-distance bike ride). Bike and beer -- sign me up!

Brewvet Season is the brainchild of portajohn and The idea is simple: ride your bike, drink beer, rinse, repeat.

OK, there's a little more to it than that. Since the Brewvet concept is based on randonneuring, there have to be rules, paperwork, etc. See for details, but the basic gist is:

  • Ride to a brewery or pub and have a beer.
  • Keep track of the rides & beers on a supplied form.
  • Log at most one beer per day.
  • There are 9 beer categories (local, IPA, porter, exploring, macro, etc). Log at least 7 of the 9 categories.
  • There's no minimum ride distance, but all rides should total at least 100K (~62 miles).
  • Be social -- blog about it, tweet about it, instagram about it, whatever.
  • Complete the 12 rides by July 14.
Fortunately, I live within easy biking distance of a number of small (and some not-so-small) breweries, so I will not suffer from a lack of choice. The real problem may be in deciding which 12 to visit.

Some the nearby places I will almost certainly visit include:
Plus numerous pubs, taprooms, etc.

Ride more, beer more!

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