Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brewvet #5: Black Raven Trickster IPA at the Red Door

Today's Brewvet was a bit of a ride, but not a lot to report. I had a business meeting at The Red Door in Fremont. I've been to The Red Door a couple of times, it's a very nice pub/restaurant right off the Burke-Gilman Trail. (It's also right next door to the studio of The Oatmeal. I need to stop by and meet SeƱor Oatmeal someday.)

Fremont, the self-proclaimed center of the universe, is Seattle's funky little sibling. Technically part of Seattle, it is, to borrow a line from some old Texas tourism ads, "like a whole 'nother country". Fremont is home to a number of high tech companies (including a few you may have heard of, like Google and Adobe), several excellent bike & accessory shops (including Free Range Cycles, Recycled Cycles, Cascade Bicycle Studio, and Hub and Bespoke), dozens of coffee shops, and a higher-than-average-per-capita number of brewpubs.


Business meeting in Fremont
Convenient Burke-Gilman Trail access
Plenty of brewpubs

It was another perfect day for a ride -- sunny and warm, with only a gentle breeze blowing. I left with plenty of time, mostly so I could ride at a relaxed pace and not arrive covered in sweat.

En route, I passed this guy walking his bird along the trail. She's a Goffin's Cockatoo, and her name is Audrey. She was a little camera shy (she kept turning away whenever I'd raise the camera for a photo) but I managed to sneak one in. She's a cute little thing.

Audrey goes for a walk

Today's beer was Trickster IPA from Black Raven Brewing Company. I'm not a total "hop head" like many local IPA fans seem to be, but Trickster is one of my favorites. Of course it's hoppy (but not too hoppy) with a pleasant citrus finish. Yet another great post-bike-ride beer.

Behold the Beer


Brewvet #5: "Enjoy your Hops", 37.6 miles

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