Sunday, June 09, 2013

Brewvet #4: Trade Route Joker Amber at 192 Brewing

Today's Brewvet was a little more low-key than yesterday's. My legs were telling me to take it easy, so a slow, flat recovery ride along the Sammamish and Burke-Gilman Trails seemed in order. As luck would have it, a (very) small brewpub is right on the BG trail -- 192 Brewing Company. I've biked past their location many times, but never had an opportunity to stop. Today was the day to remedy this unfortunate situation.

Kasia & I drove to downtown Woodinville so she could hit some shops there. While she was shopping, I was biking and Brewveting. Today was a little cooler than yesterday, but it was another glorious day for cycling in the Pacific Northwest.

Beautiful day for a ride along the Sammamish River Trail

Another mode of transportation

Long before I reached 192 Brewing, I could see the mass of bicycles parked along their chain link fence. I've seen bikes parked here before, but never so many. I guess I wasn't the only person who thought today was a good bike & beer day.

Busy day at 192 Brewing Company on the Burke-Gilman Trail

I hoped to try one of 192 Brewing's own creations, but it was not to be. According to the employees there, 192 releases one keg every two weeks or so, and the kegs tend to be emptied in about two hours. I'll need to keep my eye on their Facebook page for the next tasting opportunity!

Their taproom had about a dozen local beers available, so I chose one more-or-less randomly: Trade Route Joker Amber.
Trade Route Joker Amber

I'm a big fan of amber-style beers, and the Joker didn't disappoint. I found it smooth and clean with just the right touch of hops. It was a great warm-afternoon-post-bike-ride beer. I'll need to keep my eyes open for other offerings by Trade Route Brewing.

Lots of bikers, and normal people, too

More bike parking at 192 Brewing Company

After my beer, and en route back to Woodinville, I stopped by a small remaining piece of historic Red Brick Road. I don't know why, but I love cobblestone roads, despite the fact that they can be uncomfortable to ride on. This section of Red Brick Road is near where the Sammamish River Trail meets the Burke-Gilman Trail.
A small remaining piece of the historic Red Brick Road

Near where the Sammamish River Trail meets the Burke-Gilman Trail

Once back in Woodinville, I had a few minutes to kill before meeting Kasia, so I stopped at Wilmot Gateway Park and watched the world go by.

Yet another mode of transportation
This was my first visit to 192 Brewing Company, but the friendly employees, relaxed atmosphere, great local beer selection, and easy bike access make it my new favorite local bar.


Brewvet #4 -- "Buy Local", 11.1 miles

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