Wednesday, April 04, 2012

If it's 04/04, this must be day 4

Better-than-forecast weather today -- despite a bit of wind, it was a lovely day for a ride. Kasia needed to do some errands in Woodinville, so I rode along the Sammamish River & Burke Gilman Trails while she shopped.
View from Logboom Park
When the Pacific Northwest weather is bad, it can be truly horrendous; when it's good, it can glorious. Today was a sample of the (hopefully!) glorious days to come as we move through Spring and into Summer.

Distance:         20.13 miles
Clock Time:     1:39:29
Elevation Gain:     178 feet


kreger said...

way to go keith. This is Matt from I was aiming to ride half the days of the month. Your commitment is commendable.

keithmo said...

Thanks Matt! But don't congratulate me just yet... I have another 15 days to go.