Friday, June 19, 2009

Seattle Livestrong Challenge 2009

The Seattle Livestrong Challenge 2009 is coming up soon -- this Sunday, June 21. I'm quickly running out of time to nag people for donations to this worthy cause.

Kasia and I wanted to ride this together, but fate had other plans. She injured her right knee a couple of weeks ago. After last week's MRI and yesterday's appointment with the orthopod, the verdict was clear: torn meniscus. Her surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday.

It looks like I'll be riding alone.

Except I won't be alone, of course. Elden "Fatty" Nelson has organized Livestrong teams in Seattle, San Jose, Philadelphia, and Austin. There are 111 registered members of Team Fatty Seattle; I'm sure we'll all be sporting our fashionable Fatty Jerseys on Sunday.

I'll have the other 110 members of Team Fatty (and probably a thousand other riders) as company during the ride. We're all riding to raise money for The Lance Armstrong Foundation in support of cancer treatment and research. Team Fatty members ride to show support for Elden's wife Susan. Most of us also ride in honor of friends and family who battle this terrible disease.

Economically, this is not the best time to ask for donations. Ironically, this is the time when they're most needed.

My Team Fatty Seattle donation page.

Any donation (or words of encouragement) is greatly appreciated.

Does your company have a "matching gifts" program for donations? Additional information on matching gifts can be found at the Livestrong Challenge -- Matching Gifts page.

If you donate to my page, please include the following information on your company's matching gifts form:

Participant’s Name: Keith Moore
Participant ID: 241276611
Event Location: Seattle, 2009

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