Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flying Wheels Summer Century 2009

Kasia, me, and our friend Jason planned to ride Flying Wheels together, but Kasia had to bow out. She injured her right knee a couple of weeks ago. This past Wednesday she had an MRI, and the diagnosis came in on Friday (the day before the ride).

The bad news: She has a torn meniscus. She may be off the bike for few weeks. I suspect she'll need surgery to repair the tear.

Jason and I rode Flying Wheels together, starting at my house. The ride to/from the event added an extra 22 miles for me, and about 25 miles for Jason. My stats:

Total Distance: 122.44 miles
Pedal Time: 8:30
Average: 14.41
Clock Time: 11:03
Elevation Gain: 4540

Here are a few photos from the event:

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kreger said...

looks like youre all set for livestrong!

Ill see you there.


I did the ride as well, heres my prespective