Friday, June 07, 2013

Brewvet #2 - Tamerlane Brown Porter at Black Raven Brewing

My wife Kasia wanted to go plant shopping at her favorite nursery, Molbak's in Woodinville, so I decided to seize the opportunity for another Brewvet. We drove to Woodinville, parked in Molbak's lot, and Kasia shopped while I rode.

The day was overcast, but mostly dry. I got a few sprinkles along the way, but other than that it was a great day. I planned a rather lengthy ride for Saturday (the Flying Wheels Summer Century) so I took it easy, slow, easy, flat, and most of all, easy. This was not a day to set any records.

About 6 miles from Woodinville is Black Raven Brewing, brewers of some of my favorite beers, and location of my favorite taproom. Located just off the Sammamish River Trail, this is a location just begging for a Brewvet.

Over the river... 
...and through the woods... Black Raven Brewing...
...for a Tamerlane Brown Porter!

The beer for this Brewvet was a tasty Tamerlane Brown Porter. Rather than try to characterize its flavor in words, I'll defer to Black Raven's own description:
Featuring both the subtle nut flavors and easy drinkability of an English brown ale and hints of deeper coffee tones and the Northwest hop character of a porter. Quickly becoming a true local favorite.
It's certainly one of my favorites.


Brewvet #2 -- "Porteur Ride", 13.0 miles

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