Saturday, November 03, 2012

Coffeeneuring Challenge, Part 5: Redmond, WA

Saturday, 11/03/2012

I wanted an easy ride today.

Wait, that's not 100% accurate.

I needed an easy ride today.

Lately I've been working out 3 to 5 times per week at the Redmond Athletic Club: a 30 minute "Metabolic Effect" style workout every Tuesday and Thursday morning, 1 hour of weight training with my trainer Stacie on Friday mornings, and (optionally) 45 minute spinning classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Yesterday Stacie unleashed her "Ultimate Sandbag" workout on me, and today my legs are cooked. Well-baked, even.

Today was a good day for an easy ride along the Sammamish River Trail. As it just so happens, there is a relatively new French bakery -- Le Rendez-Vous Café -- very near the trail. This just had "coffeeneuring" written all over it.

Kasia & I did our usual dance: we park at Molbak's, I ride, she shops, we meet at the truck at a designated time. This is one of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Or Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.

The sky looked threatening (as it usually does this time of year), but Dark Sky promised no rain for the next hour or so. I bundled up in my rain gear (just in case) and hit the trail. 30 minutes later, I arrived.

Le Rendez-Vous Café

It's a rather cozy place, with the usual espresso offerings and an excellent choice of pastries. I almost always avoid sweets, grains, and dairy, but today I was powerless to resist. When one is coffeeneuring and the bakery offers a cream puff called "Paris Brest", well, resistance is futile.

With a name like this, how could I resist?

One grande latte and one "Paris Brest" later I was in my happy place.

Latte & "Paris Brest"

After my caffeine and sugar infusion, I headed back to the trail and rode to Marymoor Park in Redmond. A small area near the western sports fields was just covered in golden leaves. It was almost surreal in its beauty.

Beautiful leaves at Marymoor Park

Obligatory bike beauty shot

Fall is my favorite season

After playing in the leaves a bit, I headed back to Woodinville. En route, a small shower opened up and dumped rain on me, making me glad I had bothered with the rain gear. 'Tis the season.

Five down, two to go -- although something tells me I may continue unofficial coffeeneuring every weekend for the foreseeable future.

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