Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Negligent Blogging

Bad blogger, no biscuit. I have been far too lazy to write about my most recent rides. Here's a quick and dirty summary:

Saturday 04/14:

Kasia & I took a short road trip down to Portland. While there, we went to Newberg for their annual Camelia Festival. While Kasia was admiring the Camelias, I road to Champoeg State Park on the Willamette River. Beautiful day, beautiful ride!

Lovely paved trail along the Willamette River

Distance:         21.97 miles
Clock Time:     1:47:33
Elevation Gain:     567 feet

Sunday 04/15:

After returning home from Portland, I had a good (hilly) ride around the local area.

Distance:         17.26 miles
Clock Time:     1:34:14
Elevation Gain:    1369 feet

Monday 04/16:

Another nice ride around Redmond Ridge.

Distance:         17.44 miles
Clock Time:     1:34:38
Elevation Gain:     929 feet

Tuesday 04/17:

Yet another nice ride around Redmond Ridge. I honestly didn't expect to ride this much. Earlier (on Tuesday morning) I had a one hour rather intense leg workout at the gym. My legs felt "cooked" when I started riding, but much better after they warmed up a bit.

Distance:         20.07 miles
Clock Time:     1:53:16
Elevation Gain:    1026 feet

Wednesday 04/18:

A relatively easy, flat (but very blustery) ride along the Sammamish River and Burke Gilman Trails. If my legs felt "cooked" yesterday, then today they're officially "deep fried". Ouch.

Distance:         31.71 miles
Clock Time:     2:30:38
Elevation Gain:    263 feet

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